One in a Million.

All are welcome

Are you pregnant?

Considering an abortion alternative?

Need a caring home to nurture you and your growing baby?

We welcome pregnant women from all walks of life who have nowhere to go. At Visitation House, we offer women the space and opportunity to focus on preparing themselves for the new life within them. We accomplish this through an intentional community structure and relationship development approach that ensures each and every resident support on their journey: our home is your home.  

Who we serve

Visitation House cares for adult women who are resolved to make a better future for themselves and their babies. Due to the fact that we are focused on creating a safe environment in which we can serve these women at their most vulnerable stages, we require that prospective residents have no active substance abuse issues. In addition, a criminal background check is performed in the interest of protecting the women and babies living in our home. Visitation House is a program that requires active participation from the women who join us.

We start with an interview to ensure you understand our purpose and goals. It is important for you to understand the full scope of the opportunities that will be available to you if you enter our program; both the benefits and responsibilities. Our hope is to communicate to you how important you are in your child's life. It is through a deeper understanding of your own dignity as a mother that enables us to help you build a bright future for yourself and your child.

Our objectives

We want to take care of you - mind, body, and soul. Specifically:

- Provide a safe space where your immediate needs of food and shelter are met;
- Create an atmosphere of encouragement and support as you navigate your pregnancy and prepare for birth; - Ensure you and your baby's medical needs are supported by the local health community;
- Provide Life Skill classes designed to help you build self-knowledge, confidence, and competency in taking care of yourself and your baby;
- Guide and mentor you one-on-one, leading you to a place of independence and stability;
- Nourish your soul with kindness and challenge you with the Truth.

Visitation House does not seek to give you a temporary solution. We hope that, by working together, we can build a foundation from which you can realize your hopes for yourself and your baby. 

What we offer

A private furnished bedroom

4 Communal dinners per week

Daytime and evening life skills classes

Family atmosphere

Housing and education support services

Ongoing case management

For more information, please contact us at 508.798.8002

Kind words from former residents

I learned a lot. I will say that being around babies for a while, before I had my own, helped me to learn a lot of stuff before I had to learn it as I went! Thank you for everything that you ALL did for my family.

I’ve learned so much about life skills and am blossoming as a mom. Having my baby, getting my first job, I feel like I have grown up more since I’ve gotten here. My favorite thing about living here was all the nice staff and all of the wonderful support

Visitation House was the perfect place for my baby and me to stay. Staff were sincere and genuine. I always felt safe here and like I could call this place home. I am amazed at what I was able to do here.

Without your support, I know it would not be possible to have all the nice things that I once took for granted in life. It really means a lot to me that there are people like you out there that care about people like me and are here for me when I need it the most without even knowing me.