Helping our community's mothers

Visitation House was built by mothers, for mothers with the intention to give them the support, love, and resources they need to give their babies the lives they want for them. By creating a safe place to live, we have given homeless mothers a place to call home.

Ruth VK Pakaluk, the inspiration of the Visitation House

A dream for Worcester mothers

Ruth VK Pakaluk (1957-1998)

Visitation House was envisioned by Ruth V.K. Pakaluk, mother of seven and dedicated supporter of life in Massachusetts. Ruth recognized the urgent need to establish a home for pregnant women in Worcester County, one that would surround them with a culture of life, allowing them to choose life for their babies and for themselves. Ruth died heroically at the age of 41 before her vision became a reality but her passion for helping women with unplanned pregnancies inspired those around her to fulfill her dream.

Our mission 

 We offer a program which provides women with unplanned pregnancies a path to cherish and sustain the life of their babies.

We do this by providing each woman a welcoming home  and opportunities to develop the skills, confidence, and self knowledge necessary to create a beautiful future for her and her baby. 

Our home 

Our present site at 119 Endicott Street in Worcester opened its doors on the Feast of the Visitation, May 31, 2005. Since that time, we have welcomed over 300 women and their children to our home.

Support Visitation House

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